To implement this concept pls help me..?

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i had finished my first Requirement...

[ Hi

I am working with C# - > ASP.NET Application...

Here i have two types of user....
1) User
2) Manager

each have separate profile...

Manage has the privileges to saw the user when then

manager will saw the user profile ., i wuld like to store the ManagerName , UserName

and current date in to a separate Table....

can any one tell how to store the date (ie: Current date...)

This is my First REQUIREMENT... ]


There is possible then same manager will visit the same usere no. of times on same

day...wat the thing , if the Manager visit his profile... one time ,i am saving the

Uname , Mname and Date .once again the same Manger visit the same UserProfile.

at the time I dont want insert data once again for same user and manger name...

how can i restrict

pls give the solution...........????

manager will visit the user profile ,



Posted by: Deysomnath on: 3/3/2008 [Member] Starter

1> you want to now how to stor the current date , in c # date.Now()
will give you the current date.

2 > And answer of ur second question is , befor you insert the record check in to the table that is there record exist with same manegerid and userid for the ssame date if yes then don't insert other wise insert the record.

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