is it mandatory to remember the syntax

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hello everybody i just completed my dotnet course and looking for problem is that i cannot remember all the syntaxes.I understand the concept and know that I can do it, but I need to look at syntax to actually implement it. Is it mandatory to remember each and every syntax? can anybody help me.


Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 4/3/2011 [Administrator] HonoraryPlatinum | Points: 25

It is not explicitly needed to remember all the syntaxes as you can argue that Visual Studio has insert snippet or intellisense to help you writing the code, however if you want to become a professional developer you are supposed to remember it and it can be easily done by doing practice. Assume scenarios, take real time problems around you and try to solve it programmatically and you will have a better experience working with the codes and you will find that after sometimes all these syntaxes are on tip of your fingers.

Thanks and good luck!

Sheo Narayan

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