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I knew the concept of webservices in Dotnet technology. But i want to know why we are going for webservice? Is there any other concept like webservice? What is the alternate choice of webservice? I want to know why and what for we are using webservice?

As Webservice also contains methods which are called as webmethods. We are accessing the webmethods from other applications. But in our normal application without using webservie also we are able to access the methods from different parts of the application( The methods that are declared in App_code). Both serve the same purpose. Then what is the special reasnon to use webservice?

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You can use WCF instead.
In simple word you are creating a service to exchange data in across applications.


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Lets say you have an application that has a Function named


and lets say your function is in a dll and this function is being duplicated in other applications. so to remove the duplicate of this function everywhere , one might write a webservice and this web service can be accessed by all the system that uses this function. and if there is a bug of this method or if there is a change that needs to be made to this function, it can be done on one webservice and the other applications will automatically get the latest changes on the function.

Web services are the same as the functions you write in your class or to a dll , but the what is different about them is that they can be accessed from anywhere , where else the normal dll cant be.

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