datalist condition problem

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hi iam assigning a dataset to a datalist..the datalist contains a checkbox with subcategoryname from subcategories table.iam dispalying all requirement is when dispalying all subcategories which subcategories are present in ypinformation table that will be checked and other will bw unchecked..

how can i check the condition when assigning dataset to datalist for checking the checkbox

Bhanu Prakash Bysani


Posted by: Sashys on: 5/1/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25


1.Get those values which are exists in ypinformation table in to a dataset let say DsToBeChecked - Basically the rows to be checked.
2.In the Data list bound event, when you bind the values, loop thru and check that values found in the above dataset[DsToBeChecked ]. if found , check the check box else uncheck.. So that every time you don't have to hit the DB .

Sasikumar .M

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