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Posted by Madhu.b.rokkam under DotNetFunda.Com on 5/1/2011 | Points: 100 | Views : 1425 | Status : [Member] [MVP] | Replies : 2
Hi Web Master,

Yesterday I was writing an article and was almost complete and about to submit that, when my system got restarted because of some fault and I lost all that and I had to restart all over again, I could see that the images that I uploaded were there but the matter got lost, So I would like to suggest that if we can save the matter along with images too while writing articles as draft from time to time as happens in MS Outlook so that we don't face this sort of thing in the future.

Please check this if we can add this feature in DNF to improve further ????

Thanks and Regards


Posted by: Vuyiswamb on: 5/1/2011 [Member] [MVP] [Administrator] NotApplicable | Points: 25

Good Day Madhu

Thank you for a good Suggestion, it is rather frustrating to loose your work just like that. We will look at this and come back to you.

Thank you for posting Dotnetfunda

Vuyiswa Maseko

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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Posted by: Webmaster on: 5/1/2011 [Administrator] HonoraryPlatinum | Points: 25

Dear Madhu,

Sorry to hear that you lost your article content due to system restart.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, indeed its a very good suggestion and this feature would be very useful. We shall try to implement this feature in our next release.

There is an alternative of this as well, if you are planning to write big articles you can keep saving after few minutes by going to Step 4 and clicking on the "Post Article" button (Want to Publish should No otherwise the article goes to Moderator for approval).

As a token of appreciate for this suggestion, we have updated this post by 100 points.


Best regards,

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