how to show groupby in each page in cryatal report?

Posted by Vforvijay under VB.NET on 5/4/2011 | Points: 10 | Views : 1679 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
hi....i used groupby option for currency in crystal report so i need to display each currency details on each page...
how can i achieve this plz help


Posted by: Lokesh76 on: 5/4/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25


As you are working with Crystal Report designer so please follow these steps to make group on any field in your report.

1. Go to Insert -> Group from Insert menu item.
2. its open up Insert Group window for you pick the field for which you want group to be.
3. Set other values as per you requirement.

Hope it will help...

Lokesh Kumar

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