Few interview questions with multiple choice

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1. How does asp.net store sessionid by default?
a. cache b. cookie c. global variable d. url strings or in db

2. .net website is configured with which of the following?
a. iis anonymous b. windows forms c. windows d. windows 2000

3. ___________ is the ms iis server running, handling asp.net request among other things?
a. aspnet_isapi.dll b. aspnet_wp.exe c. inetinfo.exe

4. which is used to debug .net application?
a. visual studio.net b. runtime debugger c. system.diagnostics class d. all

5. if a developer defines styles information in a common location. Then the location is called?
a. master page b. theme c. customization d. none

6. what model does asp.net request processing is based on?
a. pipeline b. waterfall c. top-down d. bottom-up

7. client side already has 25 com object and to add 26th function that must exists only for .net object without effecting existing one. How?
a. by ccw b. by rcw c. by rca d. none

8. the feature in asp.net 2.0 that is used to fire a normal postback to a different page in application is called?
a. theme b. cross page posting c. code-front d. none

9. developer want to achieve graphocs in his display using asp.net which of the following web control is used?
a. ad rotator b. link button c. a&b d. none

10. which following denote value that can be taken by cache-control of asp.net?
a. public b. private c. no-cache d. all

11. which of the following denote web control associated with table control function of asp.net?
a. datalist b. list box c. table row d. all

12. to maintain session which is used?
a. in-process storage b. session state service c. ms sql server d. all

13. global.asax file lies in?
a. root b. application c. system d. none

14. setting the following properties for object in asp.net results in?
response.expiresabsolute=now().subtract(new timespan(1,0,0,0))

a. session expires b. clears buffer area c. avoid page to be cached d. none



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Can you give the answers for them?

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