Getting a Gridview selected cell value directly without loop the gridview

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I have a GridView and a button in a Web based form. May some one please help me with the following.
When using GridView, how do we get the value directly of a selected cell into a variable or use the value of the selected cell to pass it to a a variable without looping through the grid rows and columns.
All i am asking please, is the code which accessed the Gridview cell value without having to loop through the whole gridview rows and columns. I would like to directly access the selected value without to much code. Just one or two lines of code please.


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Good Morning Manu

it not a Good idea to get the value without Looping, What if a user did a multiselect on the Grid. You have to loop on the Gridview and get the select value of the Cells, i have an example that i used in a Ultragridweb

foreach (UltraGridCell cell in ultraGridCycles.DisplayLayout.SelectedCells)

if (cell.Value != null && cell.Value.ToString() != "")
cell.Style.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;


Session["Cycles"] = array;

Basucally what i did here i have added the select cells values to a Arraylist and and put them in a Session, you can choose to put the in a session and pass them to a parameterised Method that will call your sp in your DAL

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