Sound recognition in a phone call conversation

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This topic is about how to create sound recognition in a phone call conversation. It is about creating a sample program which recognizes sound data and it is also capable to
recognize keywords. I think it will be an interesting topic for those who want to read it.


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If you want me to use one sentence to sum it, that is :IVR enable you to make hundreds of personalized calls with a single click.

The IVR(Interactive Voice Response) technology allows a computer to detect voice and touch tones using a phone call. The IVR system can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct callers on how to proceed. IVR enable callers to interact with any software, over the normal phone or internet phone(like Skype). So callers can use their touch-tone pad to input request or just say what then want to do, such as requesting account balance information. Then the IVR will use the text-to-speech software to read information back.

IVR telephone notification software broadcasts voice messages by phone. Ideal for group event reminders, marketing, lead generation, political campaign promotions, school fundraising, church communications, emergency notifications, and much more.


Since all these functions are implemented as a HTTP client communicating directly with a gateway, they can be run on any machine that has a connection to the host running the gateway.
Here we will use the CallText methods only, you can visit the Voicent Gateway Simple Outbound Call Interface for details.

string CallText(string phoneno, string text, bool selfdelete)
Make a phone call and play the specified text message. The text message is convert to voice by Voicent Gateway's text-to-speech engine.The options are: phoneno The phone number to call text The message for the phone call selfdelete Ask the gateway to automatically delete the call request after the call is made if it is set to '1' The return value is the call request id <reqId>.
CallText("123-4567", "Hello, how are you doing", true);Make a call to phone number '123-4567' and say 'Hello, how are you doing'. Since the selfdelete bit is set, the call request record in the IVR will be removed automatically after the call.string reqId = CallText("123-4567", "Hello, how are you", 0);Make a call to phone number '123-4567' and say 'Hello, how are you'. Since the selfdelete bit is not set, the call request record in the gateway will not be removed after the call. You can then use CallStatus to get the call status, or use CallRemove to remove the call record.

string CallAudio(string phoneno, string audiofile, bool selfdelete)
CallAudio("123-4567", "C:\my audios\hello.wav", true);
string CallStatus(string reqId)
string status = CallStatus("11234035434");

void CallRemove(string reqId)

void CallTillConfirm(string vcastexe, string vocfile, string wavfile, string ccode)
"C:\Program Files\Voicent\BroadcastByPhone\bin\vcast.exe",
"C:\My calllist\escalation.voc",
"C:\My calllist\escalation.wav", "911911");
Application View

This application is based on a gateway.Here, we use the Voicent Gateway for the server, this is not a free software, so you have to put up with its ad. And you also can visit this website for more information about the IVR.
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