wat isPanel.ZIndex="10" ?

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what is zindex in wpf?
where we use it?

explain me with example.
thanks in advance.


Posted by: Ndebata on: 5/24/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

In simple way one can say ZIndex is a postion at which element is shown in order.
Lets think that the Computer screen is the X-Y plane, so that Z axis will pe perpendicular to it.

And the position on z axis is called Z index.

Lets say there are 3 Panels with zindex are given bellow.
panel1  zindex=100

panel2 zindex=50
panel3 zindex=200

Then on the screen as explained panel2 will appear first then on top of that panel1 and finally on panel3 will appear on top of all.


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