explan us the where we develop the interfaces, abstract clases in Projects

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i have 3 years of experience in .net real time.

i never go for the abstsract/interfacces

why the interviewers are asking the questions .

if tel about the interfaces some thing wat the use of this wich out using the (only giving declaration )

Pls explain Hope This is Most Need For all the Dotnet Techies

Pls hope u reply to us as indepth,
once we read no need to turn back


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Good Afternoon Jameschowdare

The Power in a Programming language is the ability to do multiple inheritance. That is why even today you, you will never call C++ a cheap and old language, because of the power it has. Look at Java , it implements interfaces because there is no multiple inheritance, C# and VB.NET they implement interface because they dont Support multiple inheritance and they cant be used to build an OS, but C and C++ created OS's that we use in todays world.

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