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Hi everybody,
I need code for :

How can i use webservices in my asp.net application using C#.net, I don't want use Datasets , DataTables etc in that , i want use only xml values . For example i want display employee table has eid , ename fields then i want show those two fields in my GridView , Using Webservice , please anybody help me , i am waiting for your valuable replies...

Thanks ..


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Good Morning Satyadnet
There is an Misunderstanding or Confusion in your Statement. a Using web service does not mean you cant use Datasets or Datatable and a Web Service is a like a class,so if you want to use xml you have to do extra work. i only use XML when am building interfaces between Systems that uses different data source. but you can still use Xml instead of Dataset , but i think you have a lot do serialization , deserialization , creating schemas , am not sure if you want to go that route, but here are the way you can do it



XML to Gridview

Good Luck

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Another simple way for using xml is that insted of passing datasets or datatable just pass xml of dataset or datatable, both provides function which returns xml. Use it

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