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I am working with rdlc Report viewer , I am facing one problems if any one can help me then plz help.
I am describing my scenario below.

Actually I have multiple Jounal ID per day and each Id has some column like Debit Credit ,I am using RDLC Report viewer for display the report.
What is my requirement ?

My requirement is that for each day whatever journal ID is there I need to display the subtotal for each day of all Debit and Credit, and at footer of report I need to display the grant total.
I group my all the details by posting date.

Plz any body help me.........



Posted by: Ndebata on: 7/4/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

In the report try to create a group based on date.
and the in the group footer if you sum you will get sub total for that day.
if you sum in the table footer then you will get grand total.


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