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1.What is Garbage Collection.
2.Xml Serialization
3.What is cluster and indexing
4.Command timeout
5.Connection timeout
6.let keyword in linq

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hallo this is help you
1-The applications created acquire memory. Memory management includes deallocating this acquired resources and acquiring them. This is done by garbage collector and this concept of automatically reclaiming the memory is called Garbage Collection.
2-XML Serialization makes it possible to convert any common language runtime objects into XML documents or streams and vise versa.
The XML Serialization enables it to convert XML documents into such a meaningful format that the programming languages can process the converted documents with ease.

3-ConnectionTimeout specifies how long, in seconds, should the code wait
before timing out from trying to OPEN a connection. It relates directly to
the line connection.Oen();

CommandTimeout specified how long, in seconds, should the command wait
before timing out. This relates to calls such as Fill(), ExecuteXXX (Reader,
Scalar, NoQuery) and such. It's relelated to the actual SQL code you are
trying to run (be it inline or an sproc).

the HttpRuntime is how long a request should wait before timing out. This is
much broader than the first two. You can think of it as anything between
your page's init and unload.

CommandTimeout would seem to be your problem. You can't globally set it like
the other two. But you can create a utlity function, so that the code is

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