Unable To Pass User Credentials From WCF Window library To ASMX Web Service

Posted by Bhagwatnegi84 under WCF on 7/21/2011 | Points: 10 | Views : 2531 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 0
Hi All,

I am getting credentials problem in WCF. My requirement is given below:
1. I have to create a window service to host wcf.
2. and call GetEmployee method of WCF on some time interval.
3. I have used dll reference of wcf in window service application.
4. In WCF it is consuming further web services (ASMX) and ASMX required window credential.
5. Now in wcf if we are trying to call GetEmployee method of ASMX service it throw exeception because we don't have window credential in wcf.
There is no user details in CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials

Problem: Unable To Pass User Credentials From WCF Service library To ASMX Web Service as we are using window service to host wcf here. So how can I bypass window credential from window service to asmx directly or how to pass DefaultCredentials to asmx.

Could you please suggest me on that.


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