Duplicate in search result - Crawl issue

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Hi all,
I've encountered a problem about Crawl. Items are duplicated in search result. Below is my situation:
- I have a job, this job is used to delete and re-create items with the same name .
- I scheduled for Crawler to run some times daily.
- After crawler run, I noticed that items are duplicated in result page. Each items are appeared twice .

I checked Crawl log and also noticed that, these items are marked as "Crawled" twice with different times.
It seems the problem is come by re-creating items with the same name. However, I can not explain why they are crawled twice in Crawl log. (Because business request, I need to delete and re-create items with the same name)

Could you please help me, what should I do to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance with kind regards,


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Who can help me, please?

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