how to implement N-tier architecture to get SSRS report

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i am developing a web application which access the ssrs report

In the app first the user has to login to the application. Once the user is authenticated he is redireccted to ReportSelection.aspx
There are different types of reports developed in SSRS like R1,R2,R3.
First they have to select the Name of the student and then report.

do I have to use reportViewer control? There should be DAL,BL,UI and from the UI i will be calling a WCF service which calls the SSRS deployed in report server
i think it will return a dataset? by using this how can i display the SSRS report.
How to develop the application ?? steps please


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1. Install reporting services on your sql server
2. configure the reporting services (using reporting services configuration wizard)
3. Create reports using report server project.
4. in your web application add report viewer control and assign reporting server name and data source,

the below url has details about the SSRS..check out left navigation panel which has lots of information about ssrs..

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