how to provide security using configuration

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hi friends good afternoon to all...

i am developing a small website in which i have admin pages, moderator pages and user pages...

i have provided the security using configuration and i followed all the six steps...

here a problem arises for me, the problem is after providing the security all tables are saved in the "aspnetdb" database, but i want all these tables into my own database...

if any one knows how to save all the tables into my own database please reply me...

if possible give me some examples with more explanation...

Note: i am using a client system and the database is presented in the server system...

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1. First solution is script out all the objects of aspnetDb by right clicking on aspnetdb Database-->task-->generate script
which will launch generate script wizard and slect all objects to script out.
Once the script file is generated then create a blank database or use this script to create all objects on your database.
Once the above step is done then insert all rows from aspnetdb's aspnet_SchemaVersions table to your database's aspnet_SchemaVersions table ( this step is require to match the version number of your schema otherwise your application will throw an error.

Once all above steps are done then change member ship provider's connection string setting to your database name.

2. Write your own member shipt provider and connection string

3. Easy solution is to goto .net command prompt and run aspnet_regsql.exe application which will lead you to configure aspnetdb member shipt provier database. In this wizard, there is a step which ask for you to select server and database, on this form select your database where you want to configure your member ship provider database.

Hope above steps helps..let me know if you are able to do that...

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