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i have a gridview with some columns that one of them is image column and i put fileupload object in this column at edittempelate mode and i want when i click on edit button in gride view the fileupload object authomatically show the path of picture that its row is chosen for edit ?
and,i save path of picture in database but i dont which code i use that fileupload show that authomatically when i execute it
of course it located in edittemplate of grideview ,i wrote thise code but it didnot answer!
protected void FileUpload2_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
DataSet set=new DataSet();
string str1="select image from book ";
SqlDataAdapter da =new SqlDataAdapter(str1,con);

FileUpload FileUpload2=(FileUpload)sender;

infact i dont want use sqldatasource object, ihandle it whit codebehind


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what issue face this?

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