How to save an aspx page as doc file

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I have an aspx page with some information on it like it follows :

In the upper page i have two images
In the left part and in the middle i have one image and an asp:panel containing some text information static text and asp:label text stored from session.
Under the panel i have a print button that work ok and print the entire page.
I want near the print button to have a Save Page button to store and save the page on the disk with *.doc format or another format , i want to keep tracking this saved pages to see the information some other time.

And how to set a default folder to store the page as doc file inside the application? So when the save as prompt dialog appears with the default folder not to select the prom inside the PC location, if that is possible.

So i wait for a reply,
Thank you.


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Good Evening

Am Sorry today i was very busy, a Bug after a Bug. I have nice steps that will help you in exactly what you want

in this Part

objWord.Selection.TypeText(".NET Rocks!!!");
objWord.Selection.TypeText("Savage loves .NET");

where he Wrote ".NET Rocks, you can Add your html.

if you get a Problem , you might like to consider this

Thanks again For Posting at Dotnetfunda

Am always here to Help

Vuyiswa Maseko

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