How To solve the problem I Read one or more flat files For Particular folder to Oracle destination

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I have one folder for example Empdetails(foldername)
in that three .csv files are there that having different columns
(Ex:1) epersonal.csv file that contains three columns like [empid,efirstname,elastname])
2)eaddress.csv file that contains four columns like [ecity,edistinct,estate,ecountry]
3)eotherdetails.csv file that contains four columns iike [egender,emarried,sal]

I want to transfer the flat files data into Oracle destination Table Without Duplicates data

Oracle destination Table Format


Empid Ename City Distinct State Country Gender Married Sal

100 Hari Hyd Hyd A.P INDIA Male Unmarried 150000

Pls help me

step by step procedure



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