how to pass storedprocedure to dataset

Posted by Oswaldlily under ASP.NET on 10/3/2011 | Points: 10 | Views : 1476 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
Dim DC as new DataContextDatacontext
Dim query=From r in DC.StoredProcedurename(parameter1,parameter2,parameter3)

How to pass this into dataset???

If i write followuing code it passed easily which works good..But I need to pass thru stored tell me how to pass above code into dataset
Dim query=From r in DC.Tablename select r.column1,r.column2,r.colum3
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand
cmd = _Dc.GetCommand(query)
Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter(cmd)


Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 10/3/2011 [Administrator] HonoraryPlatinum | Points: 25

Seems like it is complicated code, why not use simple and straightforward code, look at this

Sheo Narayan

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