How To Preserve Login Information ?? [Resolved]

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Hi all,
I have a scenario in which :-
*** I have 1 login page and 1 default page
*** First the login page is presented, the user logs in and is redirected to the default page
*** In the default page, there is a logout button, pressing that logout button will redirect the user to login page again
*** Now, i want to preserve the login information in which until and unless user presses the logout button, he is never logged out, even if he/she closes the browser or the computer......just like dotnetfunda and gmail do ...

Please tell me how to accomplish this task ?

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Akii,

Its so easy, have you gone through the responses given to your post

The easiest way is to use Forms Authentication rather than creating your own cookies, use this article - , in case you have any problem in implementing this watch this video - that has a complete walk through on how to implement forms authentication in ASP.NET.

Hope this helps.


Sheo Narayan

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Posted by: Akiii on: 10/4/2011 [Member] Bronze | Points: 25

After viewing the above links recommended by you.......i created a project and its working fine....

thank you very much for your help Sir..


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