how to insert images to db then how to bind image field.

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I am doing image insert to db and retrieve them. I am inserted byte for images
like this

My Insert Code

int length = FupImage.PostedFile.ContentLength;
byte[] imgbyte = new byte[length];
HttpPostedFile img = FupImage.PostedFile;
img.InputStream.Read(imgbyte, 0, length);
cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@StdImagePath", SqlDbType.Image)).Value = imgbyte;

How to populated the image field

my code below but did not bind them plz change the code but this is not working

SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("select StdImagePath from Tbl_StudentsProfile where StudentID=" + autoID +"", con);
SqlDataReader dr = command.ExecuteReader();

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HI.....Refer the below link.........

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