I want to know about mdi in detail in windows applications

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I want to know about mdi in detail in windows applications.i want to know
1.how mdi form is created?
2.how it will be link to child forms?
3.the child forms should be displayed in the same window(mdi parent) not in separate window.
4.If we click on the for eg:file menu
file->new invoice-when i made click on the newinvoice it should navigate to that newinvoice form and the menu should displayed for every form.when ever we are click on each and every form menu should appears on each form.can you please provide the procedure and coding .step by step.please do the needful.



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hi Sudheep

There are number of resons why there are people who are not replying to your questions . I have noticed that most of our users develop web applications not windows are application , though there are a handfull of them that does windows app in WPF and some do windows form. This area in todays's type of applicaitons is no longer common as it is used to be in the early days of technology. i will do the same as others by providing you with a link to an article , but which means that you will have to look for an article when you want to learn something new in wondows forms. So i suggest you take a training. We have many of our Trainers who will train you in this technology.

As i have helped you before via Teamviewer. i feel you should take this training. You can go through this site www.itfunda.com

For now this might asnwer your questions



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