dropdownlist filterization using with ajaxcontroles

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hi everyone ,

I have 5 drop down boxes, created using the HTML select tag. On page load, the first box has a few years. Now, when I click on one of the year in the first box, some respected months should appear in the second and when I click on a month in the second box, some respected dates should appear in the third box and when i click on a date in the third box ,some respected time should appear in the fourthbox and when i click on a time in the fourthbox,some category names(like flowers ,images,cars,bikes..........etc) should appear in the fifthbox..........

How can I achieve this using AJAX? I have to use ASP.Net and SQL Server only.I'm a complete noob to AJAX and I've been educating myself about it, but nothing's working out. I've been looking for the code for close to a week. I looked up w3schools.com, but when I tried that code, it didn't work. Please help me out and please tell me step by step, the things required in order to make it work, and what goes where. I have a deadline that is fast approaching and am at my wit's end trying to make it work. HELP ME!!

vanamali .sowjanya


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As stated you can use ASP.NET AJAX.

Place an asp:UpdatePanel (http://www.dotnetfunda.com/tutorials/ajax/updatepanel.aspx) and inside keep all 4 DropDownLists.

Specify AutoPostBack=true and onselectedindexchanged event for all 4 as written in this thread http://www.dotnetfunda.com/forums/thread5297-populate-listbox-from-a-dropdownlist-value.aspx and populate the respective DropDownLists.

If you want, you can join today's online technical chat sessions and we can help you by showing an example.


Sheo Narayan

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