How to trigger the Property Change from WCF service in Silverlight

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Good Day All

My Question goes as follows.

I have a DataLayer in a Form of a WCF service and it is being consumed by a Business Layer that is also in a Form of a WCF Service and it is being consumed by a Silverlight Application. Now i have a Model in the DataLayer that defines the structure that comes from the Database, and this strucure model implements INotifyPropertyChanged interface to track the changes on the Properties.

So basically , when the changes are made in silverlight , i want the Interface method to be fired in the Datalayer.

now to go further with my requirement , i am doing the validation on the Properties like this

  public string CustomerSurname
return _CustomerSurname;


if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(value))
_CustomerSurname = value;

throw new Exception("Invalid Surname");

and obviously set binded control with the Proper binding property to show the Exception.

Text="{Binding CustomerSurname, Mode=TwoWay,ValidatesOnExceptions=True}"

The problem is the "changed" event does not get triggered, or rather my Exception does not show.


Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda


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