How do i check in You-tubes server whether a user is having you-tube channel name or not when he sig

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I am developing a website and it contains a sign up form requirement in that ,while signing up i have a field you-tube channel name ,in that I need to check whether you tube channel name exist or not if he is having ,then he is able to sign up with my website and if not I you tube channel name doesn't exist.Now the actual requirement is I need to check pro-grammatically whether the channel name entered by the user in the sign-up form exists or not.If exists then he can sign up successfully otherwise i have to tell him you don't have a you tube channel name.
How can i do this and please let me know as soon as possible.Thanks in advance

Sushanth K



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please use you tube api for that i have neve done functionality like this.

for study of you tube check it blog one article is there

ER sandeep chourasia (on facebook)

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