How can I subscribe Youtube users programmatically ?

Posted by Sushanthkapuganti under ASP.NET on 11/18/2011 | Points: 10 | Views : 1059 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 0
I am developing a website in .NET ,In that it there is a registration form ,he has to register with my account if he wants to access my website ,if he registers with my website successfully then he gets user panel in that I will provide a link to link his account to you tube,so from now he is going to access all you tube feeds this is what actually happens.
But the actual requirement comes here what it is people who have registered with my site will definitely link to you tube site so,members who have linked commonly to my site and you tube are going to be seen in the users panel there we have to give him an option to subscribe him ,if he subscribes he has to be added to his you tube account all this has to be done pro-grammatically.
Please help me if anybody knows about this solution ASAP . Thanks in Advance

Sushanth K



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