Manage the machinename in the web.config for VS2010

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I am using VS2010 and it has multiple web.config based on the deployment enviroment (i.e web.Dev.config,web.Int.Config.web.Prod.config.web.Debug.config).

In development environment I am using the main web.config.

In the main web.config I have some settings for ADFS authentication and it depends on the

machine name of the developer. The settings varies in individual developer machines.

Let say I am working on the web.config for some changes and then I checkedin the web.config

changes then it is going to impact the other developer web.config settings if they are taking the

latest code from the TFS source safe.

I tried to override the web.config file settings using the Application_Start event

of the Global.asax file but it is causing a restart to the IIS which is not desirable in my case.

Hence can you provide me any solution regarding how to automatize the settings in

the web.config file specific to the machine name instead of changing it always manually.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Santosh Kumar Patro

santosh kumar patro


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