getting confusion in calendar coding

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In my webform i have one calendar control(fromdate) and one textbox which is for entering healthtips... In my table i have 3
columns (one is: healthtips,fromdate and todate)..... I am inserting data into the database.... for the first time the todate column
should be like open(like if users selects today's date then todate column in database should show as open, next time the
user selects date as 3/12/2011 the previous todate should show as 2/12/2011 in database).... I am getting confusion in doing...


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CREATE Procedure Proc-name

declare i int;
declare id2 int;
insert into tbl_healthtips (Healthtips,Fromdate,Todate)
values (iHealthtips,DATE_FORMAT(STR_TO_DATE(iFromdate, '%m/%d/%Y'),'%d-%m-%Y'),iTodate);
select id from tbl_healthtips where Healthtips = iHealthtips and Fromdate = DATE_FORMAT(STR_TO_DATE(iFromdate, '%m/%d/%Y'),'%d-%m-%Y') into i;
update tbl_healthtips set Todate = DATE_FORMAT(DATE_SUB(STR_TO_DATE(iFromdate, '%m/%d/%Y'),INTERVAL 1 DAY),'%d-%m-%Y') where id=i-1;

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