How to populate 3 dropdown country ,state ,city. Any one plz hep.

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I I want to populate 3 drop down list 2. state 3. city
when Country is selected then state of that country is populate in state ddl same for the city.

Any one can Help?

R D Patel


Posted by: muralikrishnasurap-12704 on: 11/26/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

you can use selected index change event of dropdown list controls ,onpage load just fill country dropdown list on select index of country dropdown list event from data base get state data based on company selected.check below code..

private void cmb_companyname_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) 

// get state details from database based on Country selected
//you can get the Country selected from --cmb_companyname.SelectedItem.Text;

1.make sure AutoPostBack should be true for the dropdown cotrols for SelectedIndexChange

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Murali Krishna.S

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