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I have submit.html file and submit.asp file.In submit.html file i have one text box and one dropdownlist and one submit dropdown list i have mange,orange,chocolate,....While i am click submit query button it will display following in submit.asp file.for example welcome mohan your flavour is chocolate Rs.25.If i am selecting chocolate in dropdownlist.otherewise whatever i selected in dropdownlist that corresponding price will be display in submit.asp file

Thanks in advance
Here my code

<Form action="/bca/Submit.asp" method="post">
<p>Enter Your Name Here <input name="name" size=25>
<p>Select Flavour :<Select name="flavour">
<p><input type="submit" value="submit query">

below my submit.asp code
<p>welcome <%=Request.Form("name")%>
<p> Your favourite flavour is <%=Request.Form("flavour")%>


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Querystring is suffixed with the url of the page separated by "?" (question mark) in the form of key and value. Below code snippet, we have "autoid" and "com" querystring with "8" and "show" value respectively.


Note: In case we want to pass multiple querystring, they are separated by "&" (Ampersand symbol)

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