To show a message box when a link button is clicked.

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Dear Friends,
I have a grid which consists of 5 columns as from, to, date, route, availability. i have placed a link button in the availability column. When the user clicks the link button, i am getting the value of the route and storing it in a string. Now in addition to that, if the user clicks the link button, i want to display a pop up window or message box which accepts users input or light box control to display and accept the input from the user. The pop up window should contain a button called Book. If this book button is clicked, then it should redirect to another page. Hope my requirement is clear.
If the suggestions are in light box control, its well and good.

Pls help in working out the above requirement.


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GokulNath Nithy.


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you can use fancybox or grey box jQuery popups. You can design your page as you want and can open it in fancy box or grey box popups

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