Using Thread in User Control in

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How can i use Thread in User Control in
In my Task;
In my User control :
The following are the Controls in User Control:
1) 2 Picture Box [1)Start 2)Stop]
2) 1 Picture Box [Connected]
3) 2 Picture Box [ 1) Online 2)offline]
4) 1 Picture Box [ Processing Picture ]
5) Label [Byte -- file Transferring byte ]
5) Timer (If it is Needed)

Processing :
Thread will start when User clicks a Start button
Thread will stop when User clicks a Stop button
online Picture views when user clicks a Start button
offline Picture views when user clicks a Stop button
file transferring bytes display in the Label.

1) user control can be increased (like ;It may 2 or 3 like)
2) Thread start when Thread Processing is finished.(it is automatically ).

Please help me .How can i achieve this?

Lakshmi Naraayanan.S


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