After uploading web application the display of output text is not in the readable form

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Hi All,

I have the scenario in which i have Web Application it's working fine on my local system(Personal system) while running in Visual Studio... the out put web form have both English and Arabic data coming from Oracle view... Means out put data have (Arabic text n also English text) both are displayed fine on my local system...

Problem begin when i upload this web application on the server than access this web form through internet the problem is that the out result of Arabic data is not coming in the readable form.. it's display the result in the form of (??????? ??????? ???????) like this.. Means this result is the name of person in Arabic but it display like this in the output form...

on the same time when i run this web Application on my personal system it's working fine and result is coming very well in the Arabic text ...

I check again n again my code but didn't know what i add n change in my code through which the Arabic text on the uploading form is coming well and display result in readable form instead of (??????? ??????? ?????)

so please help me in this situation ..

Advance thanks for helping..



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You can see the link and try. Though I am not confident that this is the solution of your problem. You know, as english and arabic both text are coming from database, the database table filed must be nchar or nvarchar2. But your problem is not databaes related, this is front end problem to show the unicode based character. Okay, one thing, client computer must be install arabic font.... other wise...


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