does not contain a static 'Main' method suitable for an entry point?

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presently i am developing windows shows the following error.please correct it.

Error1:Program 'D:\PetStore\PetStoree.PSDataLayer\obj\Debug\PetStoree.PSDataLayer.exe' does not contain a static 'Main' method suitable for an entry point PetStoree.PSDataLayer

namespace PetStoree.PSDataLayer
public static class DBConnection
static string provider = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["provider"].ToString();
static string conStr = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["CnStr"].ToString();
public static DbConnection connection = null;
public static DbCommand command = null;
static DbProviderFactory factory;

public static DbConnection GetConnection()
string provider = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["provider"].ToString();
string conStr = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["petstore09"].ToString();
DbProviderFactory factory = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory(provider);
DbConnection connection = factory.CreateConnection();
connection.ConnectionString = conStr;
return connection;

public static void CloseConnection()
if (connection != null)
public static DbCommand GetCommand()
string provider = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["provider"].ToString();
factory = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory(provider);
DbCommand command = factory.CreateCommand();
command.Connection = connection;
return command;
public static DbDataAdapter GetDataAdapter()
DbDataAdapter dda = factory.CreateDataAdapter();
return dda;
public static DbParameter GetDataParameter()
DbParameter dp = factory.CreateParameter();
return dp;



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This error means that your project does not contains main method start the application. I think that this is your class library and you wrongly start this, right?

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