Where to put BAL and DAL and how to access

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I created a 3 tier application. In the solution I have added 3 projects. One is Web project which is the UI containing all aspx pages and necessary files and folders. Another 2 projects are class libray projects and I treated them as BAL and DAL. I added DAL.dll in BAL and BAL.dll in my web project. Now all these are stiched together and I accessed the BAL classes by referencing from web projects. I did similar while accessing DAL classes from BAL. All business logics were written in DAL. My Web project never talked directly with DAL. Even if it required some data to display in Gridview, the request must pass through BAL. No WCF or web services or remoting was used. Till few days back I used to think that I successfully implemeneted 3 tier architecture. Please see the image I attached herewith.

Now in an interview that I gave recently I was asked how did I accessed BAL objects? I answered" By referencing". Then he wanted to know the details about the architecture. when I explained this architecture to the interviewer he said that this is three layered architecture. After googling in the internet I found some dillemas regarding this. SOme people agreed with me that mine is a 3 tiered architecture. Some said that in 3 tiered architecture BO and DAL must resides in different machine/servers.

Then is my concept is wrong? If I am right then also how can I access BAL and DAL objects if I put these BAL.dll and DAL.dll in different machine/servers. Please give me lights..

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sir your BAL and DAL create inside App_Code and call name space Dal-to-Bal and Bal-to-ui


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