how to get this click event function

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This is the way i created menu in silverlight
Now if i click submenu(for eg:Online status),another window has to open..
I know this well in window application and in ..
Here i m not getting any submenu..
1)Don knw how to add submenu for submenu in design page too.
2)submenu_click event i need to write functions to take place.
So how to get this click event function

<Canvas x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="LightBlue" Margin="-241,-72,-128,-89" Width="369" HorizontalAlignment="Center" >

<liquidMenu:MainMenu x:Name="testMenu" Background="LightBlue">
<liquidMenu:MainMenuItem Text="Skype" Background="Lavender">
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu" Text="Online Status" Background="Lavender">
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenuoff" Text="offline"></liquidMenu:MenuItem>

<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu1" Shortcut="Ctrl+S" Text="Profile" Background="Lavender" />
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu2" Text="Privacy" Background="Lavender" />
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu3" Text="Account" Background="Lavender" />
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu4" Text="Buy Skype Credit" Background="Lavender" />
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu5" Text="Change Password" Background="Lavender" />
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu6" Text="Sign Out" Background="Lavender" />
<liquidMenu:MenuItem ID="smenu7" Text="Close" Background="Lavender" />

<controls:TabControl Height="100" Name="tabControl1" Width="158" Canvas.Left="-2" Canvas.Top="137">
<controls:TabItem Header="Contacts" Name="Contacts">
<Grid />
<controls:TabItem Header="Conversation" Name="Conversation">
<Grid />
<Grid Canvas.Left="163" Canvas.Top="84" Height="150" Name="grid1" Width="150" />


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