Auto Completion and On Mouse Over Text...

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HI ,

I am Using Auto Completion for one textbox , below that i have data list binded ,
same way I have Button Whose On mouse Over Effects give list of Properties , below that I have Flash file.

My both contents i.e. Textbox suggestion and over mouse text are hiden below datalist and flash file.

IS It possible to keep it uper than the datalist and flash file ????

z-index content not work.




Posted by: Sksamantaray on: 2/7/2012 [Member] Silver | Points: 25

Can you add your code here?


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Posted by: Neer on: 2/8/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

I attached code below this.. on image mouse over the following Unorderd Lis is displaying.. but it displays behind the below flash file.

<a href="" class="anchorclass" rel="submenu4" data-image="" data-overimage=" ">
<img src="../images/cooltext527074517.png" style="border-width:0; width: 77px; height: 35px;" /></a>

<div id="submenu4" class="anylinkcsscols" style="background: #FEEBAB">

<div class="column">
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<li>* Platinum (1st) Priority Listing on Website</li>
<li>* Bulk Email Blasting (Data Optional)</li>
<li>*Seven Keywords</li>
<li>* 1000 numbers of Voice Blasting </li>
<li>* Scroll Advert on Website (Offered for 1 week) </li>
<li>* Phone Support </li>
<li>* Visiting Card Size Listing in Directory </li>
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<li>* 9000 # SMS of Your Online Business Listing </li>
<li>* Unlimited Email of Your Online Business Listing</li>
<li>* Validity for 1 year</li>


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