Fetching matching and non-matching records in SSIS

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Hi Friends,

I want to fetch matching and non matching records from table and then move to flat file destination separately in same file under SSIS package.I have done matching records in my file and move to flat file destination.Please refer below flow of matching records process in my ssis file & also please find attached file and give your solution to add non-matching records flow to same file.I have written all stored procedures but i don't know how to implement non-matching records in same file with ssis package.I'm new to this technology and started working on last two days.

Flow of matching records:
1.contrlol flow:
set file name and archieve name
insert file log
data flow task
move file to share path
set current date before archieve
send archieve file to remote path
update log
delete share path file

2.Data flow:
pull records from db
record count
flat file destination

3.Event Handler:
Error Handling



Posted by: Nishantcomp2512 on: 2/10/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

you can uses for each loop and cunt existing records using count(*) where record exist in other table or not.if count =0 then missing.

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