Europa League - Manchester United at home was reversed 1-2 Ajax score 3-2 promotion

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23 20:05 UK local time, 2011/12 season Europa League 1/16 final, second leg focus of a battle at Old
Trafford stadium to compete for Manchester United at home 1 to 2 loss to Ajax, Hernando Des head
start, but Ozbiliz to pass the shot Jiangong, Alderweireld Stewart scored a goal to help Ajax reversal of
customer wins. Manchester United is still a total score of 3 to 2 promotion. The next round against
Athletic Bilbao.
Manchester United the first leg of 2 to 5 home 0 customer wins Ajax, history against the Netherlands
eam to victory. Ajax 9 guest of England have made only one wins, four draws and four losses, the
only victory in 1972 to win Arsenal. Rooney out injured, Rafael, Marin, Park and Berbatov rotation
starter. Giggs on the bench also will usher in the 900 on behalf of the Reds. Park Ji-sung served as a
The opening is only 55 seconds, the passing of Berbatov, Nani left the restricted area at 16 yards shot
was saved by Vermeer. Manchester United six minutes lead, Park midfield steals, forward pass,
Berbatov, Hernandez easily buckle over a single-pole edge of the area within the lower-right corner of
the ball into the goal. This is a small pea 10 goals this season. 9 minutes, Rafael broke into the
restricted area of ??the right side of the falls, in Cope Wales defense, Slovenian referee Smokin the
Minas refuse penalty. Eriksson restricted area before the shot was denied by the Marin Manchester
United continuous siege corner.
The first 15 minutes, Hernandez restricted the right of crossing the ball to Berbatov, Phil Tong Hang
timely interception siege. Shot higher than 17 minutes, Eriksson pass, the Sulaymaniyah left edge of
the area. Low shot in the first 19 minutes, Hernandez pass Rafael on the right restricted area can also
be obtained by Vermeer. The first 20 minutes, Eriksson pass, Sulaymaniyah restricted area of ??the left
side of the shot was the Rafael flying denied. The first 22 minutes, passing Lodi Luo, De Jong
restricted area before the shot missed. After 1 minute, Fan Ruien passing, Ozbiliz restricted the right
of shot Degea get.
Manchester United Lineup (4-4-2): 1 - Degea; 21 - Rafael, 4 - Phil - Jones, 12 - Marin, 20 - Fabio; 17 -
Nani, 13 - Park Ji-Sung 23 - Willy Klein (61 ', 6 - Evans) 18 - Ashley - Young (61', 22 - Scholes); 9 -
Berbatov (72 ', 19 - Virgin Baker), 14 - Hernandez
Ajax Lineup (4-3-3): 1 - Vermeer; - Anita 3 - Alderweireld, 4 - Phil Tong Hang, 42 - Cope Wales (46 '
39 - Clarkson); 34 - Fan Ruien, 10 - de Jong, 8 - Eriksson (61 ', 25 - Sai Seluo); 23 - Ozbiliz, 18 - Lodi
Lo (81', 17 - Blinder), 7 - Sulaymaniyah
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