Jeremy Lin has been blasting eight points and eight turnovers the Knicks give Heat eight-game winn

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News February 24, Miami at home 102-88 defeat the Knicks, to greet the eight-game winning streak.

Jeremy Lin in the crazy 11 games in Miami will have been finished blasting. Match, Lin Hao, 11 cast,

three-pointers, going 0 the free throw line and 6-contribution of eight points, six rebounds, three

assists and three steals, plus eight turnovers.

Chris Bosh had 25 points and eight rebounds, and Miami's Dwyane Wade scored 22 points, five

rebounds and five assists, LeBron James scored 20 points, nine rebounds, eight assists and five steals,

Norris - Cole scored 10 points, Shane - Shane Battier had eight points and four rebounds - Mario

Chalmers scored eight points, Wu degrees Nice - Udonis Haslem scored six points and nine rebounds.

Knicks - Carmelo Anthony scored 19 points and seven rebounds, JR Smith had 14 points - Amare

Stoudemire scored 13 points, five rebounds and six turnovers, Steve - Snow WACKER get 12 points,

Tyson - Tyson Chandler had 10 points and nine rebounds, Landry - Fields had eight points and six

rebounds, Lin Hao, 11 shots, had eight points, six rebounds, three assists, three steals and eight

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