Dynamic tab panel loading and prior tab data changes saving asp.net ajax c#

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Hi All,

I had a page where i'm creating ajax tab panels dynamically on button click (they will be more than 50 tabs creating). so i am trying to create all the tabs at once and loading the controls (i.e. user control) to only first tab (so it will not effect performance).

user control has a gridview containg table format with name and relation as below (as in user control)

name relation1 relation2 relation3 relation4

abc check -- -- --

def -- check -- --

if user changes the above relation for the respective name(s) and clicks on other tab. prior tab changes has to be saved but not able to find the changes made by user in prior tab on activetab_changed event for saving.

I struck in saving prior tab data changes.

my tab container has autopostback="true" and it is in updatepanel

Please help me. thanks in advance


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