How to pass object parametersas a Collection to SP

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Hi friends,,,
plas tell me hoe do i pass the object of Collection as paramaetr to SP

Go through my Code
Dim ObjPrimCntDtls(0) As clsIHLDBMgr

Dim FC As String = "FC"//First Cnt dtls...
Dim objGetCaptureDetails As New clsIHLDBMgr
ObjPrimCntDtls(0) = objGetCaptureDetails
Dim SC As String = "SC"//Second cnt dtls
Dim objGetCaptureDetails2 As New clsIHLDBMgr
ObjPrimCntDtls(1) = objGetCaptureDetails2
status = objAF_get.fnIHLSaveUniversityDtls(AFContctDtls, ContactDtls, strMisc, ObjPrimCntDtls(0))//here i am calling the Sp funtion toexec

i wanted to pass these two as an array of collection obj of type clsIHLDbmgr to Function...
Pls help

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Posted by: Hmanjarawala on: 3/2/2012 [Member] Bronze | Points: 25

No as per my can't pass object array direct to SP as parameter

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