Personalized Query suggestions using concept based user profiles

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This is my problem description. Can anyone who worked with this can help me in sorting out this problem?
User profiling strategy is an essential and fundamental component in search engine personalization. Recent research focuses on the automatic learning of user preferences from user's search histories or browsed documents and the development of personalized systems based on the learned preferences. Many of the existing user profiling strategies considers only the objects that users are interested in. It is evident that user profiles created based on both user's positive and negative preferences are the best. Profiles with negative preferences can increase the separation between similar and dissimilar queries. Generating alternative queries, also known as query suggestions, has been proved useful to help a user to explore and express his information need. So far the query suggestion systems provides suggestion list with queries which has common words as that of original query. This project focuses on displaying the suggestion queries which are also semantically related for the given query.

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