How to move mails stored in outlook folders into some other locations like D or E drive with same format(.msg/eml) using

Posted by Gaddad under ASP.NET on 11/2/2009 | Views : 1110 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
Daily I am getting no of mails and I moved into particular folder. I do not want delete those mails instead I need to save those mails in some other locations for future reference. So once I run the program I reads the folder and move all mails into other loactions..

Pls help me..

Thanks in Advance..


Posted by: Abhi2434 on: 12/3/2009 [Member] [Microsoft_MVP] [MVP] Silver

Is it an ASP.NET question ?

Generally if you are in the SMTP server, there must be a folder configured where all mails are stored. You need to just literally move through your program to another.

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