SSIS Variable is Empty

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Good Day all

i have created a Global Variable as depicted in the following Pic

The Following Screen-shot shows how i created my Variable and its Properties

and the Following Screen-shot shows the Script Editor Properties

and the Last pic is the code that write to the XML File

The Variable comes back empty and at the end the file comes back empty. So i added a if statement as you can see to make sure that the part that write to the file has no problems.

Thank you

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The Resolution to this was to set the Result set to XML.
What i have done incorrect is that i had used the Parameter Mapping. (It is used in case u are passing any parameters.)
i needed to set the Result set.
1. Goto the ResultSet tab on the left of the EST editor.
2. click the ADD button.
3. Set the ResultName as 0 (numeric zero)
4. Map my variable XML_VAR.
5. Execute the package.

Sometimes i get Stuck too :)

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