Remote Could not be Resolved Error In consuming WCF Service in 2.0

Posted by Bharat.garg under ASP.NET on 11/5/2009 | Views : 3640 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
i create a wcf service and deploy it to our web server.if we consume the service with add webrefrence option then it will give error that remote name could not be resolve:'DHWEB01'. but when i consume this service with ADD service refrence option then it work fine.
actually i think the problem is that DHWEB01 my server name is not a registered domain name on web and my service WSDL contains this name in adress of service instread of Server IP which is accesibale publicly.
i search the google for that problem but cann't find solution some says change the HostHeaderValue of WebSite with serverIP but it cann't resolve my problem,could any one help me it very urgent,kindly do Needful.
if you have any query regarding this problem kindly ask me.


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Good Day Bharat.garg

What Error do you get ? Can you please post it here dont edit it , post it the way it is.

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Vuyiswa Maseko

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