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I am working on an web base application.
I am using VS 2010 and SQL server 2008.
I have completed almost everything .

But the client want the information about the logged in user .(This i have done with help of session).But Below are the thing for which i need help or suggestion.

The client want the information about the activity perform by Logged in user after his success full loggedin Like if he updated any record or view or deleted how much time he spend on the website.and the URL of the pages and show this information in grid view or in any way so that he can have record of who has up dated which record .

I have just started my career .
I dont have any knowledge that how to achieve this task .

Please any one can suggest me how to do this.
I would be very thank full to him and my job will be safe .

Please help me

Thanks in advance


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Hi Yadavanil !

Here By I had attached a document with this mail to how to do it. Its a idea to you to finish ur task .

Actually most of the application has this feature. Which is called as Audit Log the main process of it is to track the users of the application and their actions. The main thing in this is some times data loss and some issues may occur because of website users changed the data or deleted the data in that case we have to prove the user u only the reason for this issue. This is the importance of Audit Log.

 Download source file


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Sir ,

I have 32 text box .
Gride control.
form view control .

But how to get that which field he has edited or how many record he viewed.
But i have achieve a major part with your help thanks sir.

Anil yadav

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